Sunday, July 5, 2020

ADDI UPDATE. July construction site visit

Although work on Middleton Center Phase 3 and Conservancy Bend condominiums has resumed, the Addi site remains quiet. 

Photos and video by Retiring Guy

5/21/2020 update starts here

Photos by Retiring Guy

According to the agenda packet of the (page 8) of the 5/12/2020 meeting of the Middleton Plan Commission, the project is postponed.  No time frame provided.

3/29/2020 update starts here

Photos by Retiring Guy

Construction crane is no longer in place.

2/25/2020 update starts here

Photos by Retiring Guy

2/2/2020 update starts here

Photos by Retiring Guy

From the Willy Street Coop parking lot

1/6/2020 update starts here

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10/23/2019 update, " After neighborhood pushback and a building redesign, the Addison returns as the ADDI", starts here.

Approved unanimously by the Middleton Common Council

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Things got ugly earlier in the year.

Middleton City Council Rejects Affordable Housing Proposal.  (Madison365, 2/8/2019)
In the end, though, the Middleton Common Council voted 4-4, with Mayor Gurdip Brar casting the tie-breaking vote, to reject Gray’s proposal for affordable housing on University Avenue. 
The image of Gray, a lone black figure in a sea of verbally and visibly disapproving white residents, was jarring. The optics could not be overstated. At least 40 residents filled the room to block development attempts from Anthony Gray to bring a four-story affordable housing building to their community. Gray, who is one of the only black real estate developers in Dane County, sat aghast during much of the proceeding. 
One by one they came to the podium to say that Gray’s proposed housing development would be unwelcome in their community. 
“The proposal is out of touch with realities,” resident Nile Ostenso said. “As the area is not zoned for such an intrusive structure physically or culturally.” 
It wasn’t clear what he meant by “culturally intrusive.” Or maybe it was. 
Resident Susan Riesch followed up by talking about the darkness the size of the project would bring to such a light neighborhood.

39 units, from studios to 2 bedrooms.  31 are market rate, 8 targeted for workforce housing.

Rendering:  In Business

3/14/2018 update, "The Addison proposal for the 6800 block of University Avenue in Middleton", starts here.

Current view across University Avenue
Photos by Retiring Guy

View from Coolidge Court cul-de-sac

Original 11/29/2017 post, "4-story mixed-use development proposed for 6800 block of University Avenue in Middleton", starts here.

View of lot from Willy Street Coop side of University
Photo by Retiring Guy

Aerial view

View of lot from just east of Sport Bowl
Photo by Retiring Guy

Site plan

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