Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Urbana Free Library Board to Library Director Deb Lissak: Go Your Own Way

Photo credit:  Retiring Guy
Madison Public Library reference collection shelving, 2009

Updated: Urbana library to seek early separation with director. (News-Gazette, 7/9/2013)

Excerpt: Adult services librarian Carol Inskeep said she was one of the staff members "pressed into weeding." She called into question the method that was used: working off spreadsheets of books without actually going into the stacks to look at the books themselves. 

"Weeding vast sections of the collections without looking at the books violates the most basic professional standards and defies common sense," Inskeep said. 

She said she hopes library officials can learn a lesson from the controversy and avoid repeating the "destructive" event.

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