Sunday, September 19, 2010

Manitowoc Public Library Director Promotes 'Share Curiosity, Read Together' Campaign

The Library of Congress campaign to promote the value of parents reading to their children.
Link to Cherilyn Stewart's September 19 column in the Herald-Times-Reporter, "Hopefully, Curious George will spark readers' curiosity".

Excerpt:  There is a new billboard in town that you can see while traveling south on Eleventh Street a little before the bridge over the Manitowoc River.

It's very simple, yet says something positive about our culture. It's a picture of the Man in the Yellow Hat sharing a book with Curious George and a slogan that reads "Share Curiosity, Read Together." It includes the address for a website,

This is not a new electronic gadget or revolutionary by any means, but it's the message public libraries have been promoting for centuries and I'd like to say thank you to whomever is behind this campaign.

They got it right. Reading to children greatly increases the likelihood they will develop into lifelong readers. It really is that simple. It doesn't take hours a day — 15 minutes will last a lifetime

Retiring Guy has long been a believer in the importance of parents reading to their children.

At home and at work.

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