Friday, October 16, 2009

Baraboo Council Supports Funds for Library Expansion

Link to October 16 Baraboo News Republic article, "Council puts more expenses in budget".

Excerpt: Among the most expensive was a request by Library Director Richard MacDonald for a $200,000 yearly contribution toward constructing an addition to as much as double the size of the library. MacDonald said the library is working to purchase an office building east of the library and discussing purchasing land from the United Methodist Church at Fourth Avenue and Broadway.

The project will remove the office building, construct an addition east of the 100-year-old Carnegie library and remodel the historic library building, MacDonald said.

Liston said he strongly supports the library addition and several council members agreed.

"I'm a very big supporter of the library, I've got two children," said recently-elected Alderman Peter Chambas. "We go there all the time. We're kind of sorry it's not open on Sunday."

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