Monday, November 4, 2019

A most welcome sight

As in the ability to mute.

Photo by Retiring Guy

Why the gas station TV screen is a terrible idea. (The NewsWheel, 3/8/2018)
Picture this: You’re traveling alone. Evening is turning into night and you’re almost to your destination, but your gas light pops on. You sigh and pull into the nearest gas station to fill up one last time before you can finally get out of the car and relax. You swipe your credit card, choose “unleaded” on the menu, put the nozzle in your car, and begin to fill up your gas tank. 
Suddenly, behind you in the dark, you hear a deep voice bellow over your shoulder. “Hey there,” it says.
You whirl around to see a man’s smiling face on the screen. He begins to go on about the latest deals at your local Pep Boys, or how you could’ve saved a ton of money by switching to Geico.

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