Thursday, September 22, 2011

Beloit to make deep cuts to police, fire departments

Beloit Daily News, 9/21/2011.

Excerpt:    Beloit's police and fire departments will both need to eliminate positions heading into 2012 to accommodate the city's shrinking annual operating budget, said City Manger Larry Arft.

Specifically, there will be about six fewer police officers and six fewer firefighters next year, he said. In all, the equivalent of 20.5 public safety jobs, a mix of full- and part-time workers, will be dropped.

The city's expenditures on police and fire are sizable. In fact, the dollars allocated toward public safety services comprised 62 percent of the general fund in 2011's citywide budget. Police received $11.3 million, while the Fire Department got $7.3 million.

Because of mandates enacted by Gov. Scott Walker, Beloit cannot raise its tax levies. This restraint, coupled with the area's slump in property values, limits the city's ability to create revenues, Arft and various members of the Beloit City Council have said.

The city's total adopted operating budget was $93.3 million in 2011, a 1.3 percent increase over the previous year. Moving into 2012, this figure will undoubtedly decrease, Arft has said.

As a result, departments across the municipal government will need to cut. Arft said the city attempted to adopt a "strategy to spread these cuts across" departments evenly. In past months, he has worked with department heads to come up with realistic budgets for 2012. Details of most of the cuts have not been made public, but information on the police and fire reductions has gotten out

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