Friday, April 8, 2016

Go-karts are just one of many special features provided by this cruise ship

This Cruise Ship Will Feature a Two-Level Go-Kart Track. (Mental Floss, 4/8/2016)
The Norwegian Joy, slated to launch from China next summer, will offer passengers more than just floating go-kart races. Other planned amenities include simulator rides, a hovercraft bumper car arena, and a 360-foot water slide. For cruisers more interested in leisure than non-stop stimulation, there will also be areas specifically designed to help them unwind. In a section called "The Haven," guests willing to pay a little extra will be granted access to a partially covered courtyard, upscale dining facilities, and a full-time butler.
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You'll soon be able to enjoy the adventure with 6,599 of your closest friends.

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