Monday, July 6, 2009

Polling for the Sake of Polling

Link to July 4 CQ Politics blog post, "Five Polls, Five Pieces of Gloomy News for Democratic Governors".

And the potential losers are.......

Deval Patricvk (MA)
John Lynch (NH)
Jon Corzine (NJ)
David Patterson (NY)
Ted Strickland (OH)

Bonus round: Jim Doyle (WI)

Excerpt: Of course, there's a caveat in taking these polls too much at face value.

As our colleague Bob Benenson says, "The most important thing to remember is that these approval and candidate matchup polls are being taken at a time when all voters are hearing is 'Governor Struggles With Budget Shortfall' or some variant. There's a hint in the fact that some of these polls show large segments of respondents saying they don't know who the heck the challengers are, but saying that they'll vote for them anyway.

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