Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Carolyn Chute Re-emerges

The author of the hallucinogenic "The Beans of Egypt Maine" has a new book coming out. I'll probably take a pass, as all I recall from reading "Beans" is a series of bizarre, sometimes disturbing imagery.

Link to November 3 New York Times article, "A Writer in a Living Novel".

Ms. Chute has been working on “The School on Heart’s Content Road” since the early ’90s. It’s part of what she calls a “5-o-gy,” a projected series of five interlocked novels about a communal Maine settlement led by a polygamous visionary named Gordon St. Onge, sometimes known as the Prophet. The story is told from multiple points of view, each introduced with a little pictorial icon, that include those of God, Mammon, the C.I.A. and television, which periodically babbles advice like: “These flavorful burgers, these potato-flavored salt strips, these fizzy syrupy brown-flavored drinks in tall cups are waiting just for YOU. Go to it! NOW!”

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