Monday, December 11, 2017

UPDATE. Yes, we made Chex mix this weekend, too

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Which is what my wife has always called it.

Ralston Purina.  (AdAge,  9/15/2003)
Ralston Purina continued to expand its cereal offerings, and the founder's son, Donald Danforth, introduced new cereals such as Wheat Chex (1937), Rice Chex (1950) and Corn Chex (1958).

Bonus round:
Here's Why We Put Oranges in Stockings at Christmas.  (kitchn, 12/16/2014)
My mom, who grew up in Springfield, Massachusetts, during the 1920s and 1930s, reminisced about what a special treat it was to receive an orange at Christmas.

And no, I didn't place the bag of oranges in the Chex display.  It just happened to be there.

Original 12/13/2015 post, "Not in my Chex mix, please", starts here.

Photo by Retiring Guy

Chex facts:

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