Thursday, December 18, 2014

Let's Ask Scott Walker About Something He Doesn't Know

Where do we start?

How about Cuba?

Recommended reading
Why we should applaud Cuba's progress towards the millennium development goals.  (The Guardian, 9/30/2010)
Cuba's commitment to prioritise health and education regardless of economic circumstances is one that other countries should emulate.

From Cuba, progress that U.S. refuses to see. (USA Today, 5/30/2011)
Back in April, Cuba's Communist Party Congress announced a series of economic reforms that permit self-employment in 178 areas of work, including restaurants, carpentry, barbers, hair dressers, electricians and taxi drivers. In 83 of these jobs people will be allowed to create small businesses and hire workers. Under the announced reforms, Cubans also will be able to buy and sell cars and homes for the first time in half a century.

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