Sunday, July 15, 2018

UPDATE. Sugar daddy Richard Uihlein has quite the hard-on for GOP central-casting prettyboy Kevin Nicholson

The prettyboy is brought to you by....

Source:  Open Secrets

GOP mega-donor Richard Uihlein backs Kevin Nicholson with $2 million to challenge Tammy Baldwin.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/6/2017)
That may be about to change with Thursday's announcement that GOP mega-donor Richard Uihlein has contributed $2 million to Solutions for Wisconsin, a newly formed super PAC that endorsed Nicholson.

5/5/2018 update, "GOP central-casting, petulant prettyboy Kevin Nicholson struggles with sugar-daddy geography", starts here.

Reported in U.S. Senate hopeful Kevin Nicholson stretches definition of state resident.  (PolitiFact Wisconsin, 5/4/2018)
The Nicholson campaign released a list of new Finance Committee Co-Chairs from throughout Wisconsin -- an effort to show wide-ranging support for his bid. Included in the release was a list of Nicholson for Senate committee members and their hometowns, including "Dick and Liz Uihlein (Minocqua)." Nicholson also tweeted the release on April 19, 2018, with this message "I’m honored to have an incredible committee as the outsider candidate for #wisen."

Lake Forest Illinois resident, Richard Uihlein is also a Scott Walker sugar daddy.

Median income:
  • $150,670 - Lake Forest (92.1% white)
  • $  59,196 - Illinois (61.7 white)
  • $  55,322 - U.S. (63.1% white)

Original 3/11/2018 post, "Kevin Nicholson's not biggest/but big geography lesson:  Wisconsin is 42 times the area of Rhode Island, one-quarter the size of Texas", starts here.

Leah Vukmir, Kevin Nicholson court GOP grass roots in Wisconsin U.S. Senate race.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/10/2018)
"We're not the biggest state in the union, but we are a big state," said Nicholson, a Delafield businessman and U.S. Marine veteran.

Square miles - state (rank)
  • 268,581 - Texas (2)
  •   65,498 - Wisconsin (23)
  •     1,545 - Rhode Island (50)

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