Sunday, February 4, 2018

UPDATE. Taking the bus from South Madison to the new far west side DMV office? Better bring along a fat book to read.

15 minutes, if you have a driver's license and access to a car, or an accommodating family member/friend.

Madison leaders criticize state's DMV consolidation over potential voting implications.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/4/2018)
Local leaders Thursday criticized the state’s decision to consolidate two of Madison’s Division of Motor Vehicles locations over concerns that limited public transit access at the new location could impact minorities and the disabled, particularly in regard to getting identification for voting.

First-time visitors driving to this location should be aware that the signage isn't all that great.

The banner placed along the roofline is somewhat obscured by trees during the approach.

Photos by Retiring Guy

Can you read me?

Zooming in. 

1/4/2018 update, "How easy to find is 8417 Excelsior Drive in Madison, Wisconsin?", starts here.

Not so much, if you are familiar with the curvilinear circulation throughout Old Sauk Trails Office Park.


Original 11/7/2017 post, "This way to the new Madison west side DMV customer services center", starts here.

Starting at the Old Sauk Road exit of the Beltline.

Two Madison DMV locations set to be combined.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 8/10/2017)
Moving to 8417 Excelsior Drive on Madison's far-west side.  Once the new Hill Farms office project is completed, there won’t be space at the building off Sheboygan Avenue for the DMV’s current operations to stay at the location. 
The five-year lease for the new location will start Dec. 1.

1.  Hill Farms State Office Building on Sheboygan Ave.
2.  Renewal center at 6514 Odana Road

The Hill Farms location is well-served by Madison Metro

The new location?  Not so much.  Good luck to those without a driver's license who need to apply for an ID card to vote.

The members of the State of Wisconsin Building Commission voted unanimously to relocate here.

If this distresses you, please consider contacting members of the committee.

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