Wednesday, August 3, 2016

UPDATE: Kansas GOP voters say goodbye to Freedom Caucus member Tim Huelskamp

He loses, by a large margin, to an establishment-backed candidate in yesterday's GOP primary.

Source:  Ballotpedia

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Original 3/14/2016 post, "What's the matter with Kansas' Tim Huelskamp", starts here.

Plenty, it seems.

Photo credit:  U.S. House of Representatives

As quoted in Republicans Hand Another Victory to Obama.  (Press release, 12/18/2015)

Text source:  Topeka Capital-Journal

As found in SCOTUS Engages in Radical Judicial Extremism to Silence 50 Million Americans.  (Press release, 6/26/2015; emphasis added)

Text source:   Congressman Tim Huelskamp

Oh, and by the way, Tim.

NOAA (Dec 2015)
NOAA (2015 summary)

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