Saturday, November 14, 2015

Scott Walker telegraphs that Wisconsin DNR will likely ignore UW, USDA and other findings

The research has been done, and the consequences have been explained.

Unfortunately, the news doesn't fit into Scott Walker's 'Open for Business' plan.

Walker On Drinking Water Reports: 'We Take Them Seriously'.  (Wisconsin Public Radio, 11/13/2015)
An environmental group recently petitioned the federal Environmental Protection Agency to pressure the Wisconsin DNR to resolve more concerns the EPA spelled out years ago about the state's administration of the Clean Water Act.
What Walker campaigned on as a Presidential candidate.  ('Seriously' is not in Walker's vocabulary when it comes to environmental issues.)

The EPA has accused Walker's administration of failing to adequately protect air and water quality since 2011, when he became governor.  [emphasis added]
Population of Kewaunee County

  • 20,000 people
  • 100,000 cows (highest concentration per acre in WI)

The county is home to 173 dairy farm and 16 CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operation)

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Something's in the water in Kewaunee County, Wisconsin.  (Aljazeera, 11/13/2015)
Cochart first noticed there was something wrong with her water in 2010 when she was inexplicably getting sick, and subsequent tests over the next four years confirmed that her well was contaminated. And she wasn’t alone — there has never been a comprehensive survey done, but one-third of the Kewaunee County drinking water wells voluntarily tested by the University of Wisconsin, U.S. Department of Agriculture, or other organizations have contaminates such as nitrates and coliform bacteria. [emphasis added]

CAFO Regultions.  (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

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