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A Suburban New York City Bibliography: Long Island, Westchester County, Stamford Connecticut

Still more clippings and photocopies of articles from the New York Times, 1981-1993.  In this series of blogposts, I've discovered that the Times frequently uses different online headlines for even its older articles.   I have since added links to the first 2 bibliographies. (Yeah, I know, feel the tingle.)

"Banks Jostle for L.I. Business".  (January 31, 1986)

"For L. I. Baymen, an Empty Future".  (October 13, 1986)

"L. I. Fights to Emerge from New York's Shadow".  (October 15, 1986)"

A Tale of 2 Suburbs (Franklin Square and Elmont):  Racism and Realtors on L.I."  (February 20, 1987)

"Industrial Corridor is Becoming the Latest Locus of Prime Space".  (May 10, 1987)

"Time and Tide Threaten to Destroy a Highway and Beaches on Long Island".  (December 12, 1987)

"Zoning is Only One Bar to Cheaper Suburban Housing".  (November 13, 1988)"

"As the Suburbs Speak More Spanish, English Becomes a Cause".  (February 26, 1989)

"A Slowdown in Growth is Forcing Long Island to Regroup its Economy".  (August 24, 1989)

"On Long Island, Many Governments Overlap to Form a Jurisdiction Jumble".  (November 13, 1989)

"Fed Up, Long Islnd's Young are Turning to Florida as Land of Opportunity".  (June 20, 1990)

"Long Island Sound Faces Major Damage from Wide Pollution".  (July 6, 1990)

"Exposing Oceanfront Property and Human Folly".  (January 24, 1993)

"Quiet Towns in Westchester Brace for Construction Boom".  (March 10, 1986)

Yonkers.  "A Neighborhood Goes to the Benches".  (September 22, 1986)

Westchester.  "A New Look, Use and Address Keep an Old Building Current".  (May 10, 1987)

"Yonkers Anguish:  Black and White in 2 Worlds".  (December 22, 1987)

Elmsford, N.Y.  "Quirk of Geography Turns Town to Homeless Capital".  (January  17, 1989)

"Westchester's Far-Flung Homeless".   (July 11, 1989)

Westchester.  "A Growing Population of Corporate Executives Prompts Building of Grand Houses on Speculation".

"It's Stylish, but is it Art -- or Spinach?"  (January 25, 1981)

"Connecticut Area Loses Corporate Midas Touch".  (February 21, 1985)

"Stamford's New Look:  Sunbelt in Connecticut".  (March 11, 1985)

"Stamford is Confronted with Big-City Problems and Small-Town Answers".  (March 12, 1985)

"Many Cannot Afford to Live in Connecticut Towns They Serve".  (May 6, 1985)

"Singles Life in Fairfield:  Lively Jobs, Dull Nights".  (October 30, 1985)

"Westport Striving to Restrain the Hands of Time".  (December 5, 1985)

"Stamford Uneasily Balances Wealth and Poverty".  (October 13, 1986)

"Stamford Acts to Humanize Downtown Renewal".  (December 14, 1986)

"A County's Success Brings Woes".  (July 12, 1987)

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