Monday, December 24, 2012

50 Years Ago This Week: Vince Lombardi on the Cover of TIME

An eyeroll of an article title even back then.  "Vinnie, Vidi, Vici".

The opening is pure, unadultered TIMEese:   In A.D. 248, Emperor Philip lured 45,000 howling Romans to the Colosseum with a show that featured 60 lions, 30 leopards, 10 tigers, a rhinoceros, and 2,000 gladiators resolved to battle to the death. Today in the U.S., the beasts are all in zoos and the only gladiators around are the extras in Spartacus. But every Sunday from September through December, before their TV sets and in stadiums from coast to coast, some 40 million Americans are enraptured by a modern-day spectacle that even the Romans would enjoy.

You'll need a subscription to read the rest.

The Packers only loss of the 1962 season occurred against the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving Day.

Nine days after the publication date of the 12/21/1962 issue, the Packers defeated the New York Giants, 16-7, in the NFL championship game at Yankee Stadium.  (The first Super Bowl wasn't played until January 15, 1967, and you already know who won that game.)

The Packers finished the 1962 season with a 14-1-0 record, the Giants 12-3-0.