Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Week by week: COVID-19 cases in New York State

Total tests (positive and negative) as of 5/25: 1,439,557 -- a one-week increase of 299,892 compared to 234,906 on 5/18.  If New York were a country, it would rank 4th in the world in the number of confirmed coronavirus cases. 

New York is flattening the curve.  New cases in each of the past 6 weeks:
  • May 20-26:  10,193 (drop of 80% since Apr. 13-19)
  • May 12-19:  14,516
  • May 5 -11:  19,002
  • April 27 - May 4:  17,057
  • April 20 -26:  44,484
  • April 13- 19:  52,481

COVID-19 deaths in New York State were projected to peak on April 9. Total projected deaths:  15,518.  (NPR)  As of 5/25, New York has recorded 23,488 deaths.

Deaths reported:
  • As of March 16 -          7
  • As of March 23 -      114
  • As of March 30 -   1,218 (+1,104)
  • As of April     6 -   4,758  (+3,540)
  • As of April   13 - 10,056  (+5,298)
  • As of April   20 - 14,347  (+4,291)
  • As of April   27 - 17,303  (+2,956)
  • As of May      4 - 19,415  (+2,112)
  • As of May    11 - 21,640  (+2,225)
  • As of May    18 - 22,729  (+1,089)
  • As of May    25 - 23,488  (+   659)

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The New York Times

New York Times website screenshot (7:39 p.m. on 3/27/2020)

New York Times website screenshot (5:15 p.m. on 3/26/2020)

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3 Deaths in a Day: An ‘Apocalyptic’ Coronavirus Surge at an N.Y.C. Hospital.  (The New York Times, 3/25/2020)

Elmhurst, a 545-bed public hospital in Queens, has begun transferring patients not suffering from coronavirus to other hospitals as it moves toward becoming dedicated entirely to the outbreak. Doctors and nurses have struggled to make do with a few dozen ventilators. Calls over a loudspeaker of “Team 700,” the code for when a patient is on the verge of death, come several times a shift. Some have died inside the emergency room while waiting for a bed. 
A refrigerated truck has been stationed outside to hold the bodies of the dead.
A White House official is troubled by the rate of infection in New York.  (The New York Times,
Dr. Birx added that 28 percent of tests for coronavirus in the region were coming up positive, while the rate is less than 8 percent in the rest of the country. 
“To all of my friends and colleagues in New York, this is the group that needs to absolutely social distance and self-isolate at this time,” Dr. Birx said. “Clearly, the virus had been circulating there for a number of weeks to have this level of penetrance into the general community.” In epidemiology, the attack rate is the percentage of a population that has a disease. New York State now has an attack rate similar to that of Italy. 

Trump expressed outrage at having to ‘close the country’ to slow the virus.  (The New York Times,
Even as nations from Britain to India declare nationwide economic lockdowns, President Trump said he “would love to have the country opened up, and just raring to go, by Easter,” less than three weeks away, a goal that top health professionals have called far too quick. 
“I think it’s possible, why not?” he said with a shrug. 
Participating in a town hall hosted by Fox News on Tuesday, he expressed outrage about having to “close the country” to curb the spread of the coronavirus and indicated that his guidelines on business shutdowns and social distancing would soon be lifted. 

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