Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Profile of Ebook Owners

Link to December MarketingProfs post, "E-Books Attract Internet-Savvy, Educated". (via Resource Shelf)

E-book owners are 116% more likely than average to be heavy Internet users. Moreover, they are 199% more likely to have accessed the Internet using a Wi-Fi or wireless connection outside the home and 154% more likely to have accessed the Internet using a cell phone or other mobile device.

Other key attributes of e-book owners:

  • 11% more likely than average to own their home
  • 87% more likely to have a household income of $100,000 or higher annually
  • 111% more likely to have obtained a Bachelor's or post-graduate degree
"Clearly, users of the current generation of e-readers are highly educated, upscale, and Internet savvy," said Anne Marie Kelly, SVP, Marketing & Strategic Planning, at Mediamark Research & Intelligence. "With Sony preparing to ship its Reader Daily Edition and Barnes & Noble about to enter the market with its Nook product, it will be interesting to see how quickly e-books catch on in greater numbers with the more mainstream population."

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