Friday, October 30, 2009

2009 City of Baraboo Budget Surplus Designated for Library Sinking Fund

Link to October 30 Baraboo News Republic article, "Baraboo City Council closes in on 2010 budget".

Excerpt: During discussion Oct. 13, council members asked the city staff to look for ways to assist the library expansion and fund Concerts on the Square. At the meeting, Baraboo Public Library proponents urged support for the plan to as much as double the 100-year-old library building.

Baraboo resident Merri Lindgren said when she, her husband and their children moved to Baraboo 10 years ago they were attracted to the library.

"I actually work at UW-Madison, but because of the system and services the public library is able to provide in Baraboo, I can spend some of my time working from home," she said. "Please think strongly about supporting an expansion of the library."

Library supporters heard good news when City Administrator Edward Geick said the 2009 budget is expected to have a surplus of about $100,000. Council members had earlier agreed that surplus should be put into a "sinking fund" for future library expansion.

City Clerk Cheryl Giese said the mayor has also recommended they allocate $75,000 to match future donations library supporters obtain.

"If they are successful in raising at least $75,000, the city would match that and they would get up to S175,000 from the city," she said.

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