Monday, June 20, 2011

Survey Says: Reports of the Death of Cord-Cutting Premature

Netflix, younger audience keeps cord-cutting debate hot. (Fierce Online Video, 6/15/2011)

ExcerptYour dyed-in-the-wool, has-always-been-there audience is slowly dying. Literally. And, in its place, is an audience of younger Americans who are as comfortable getting their entertainment online, a day, or even a month, after it airs, as they are watching it now on a traditional TV channel.

A recent study from The Diffusion Group reports that two times as many Netflix Streamers--those who stream Netflix content to connected devices--are inclined to downgrade pay-TV services as they were a year ago.

The March survey asked a random sample of adult broadband users that subscribe to a pay-TV service if, in the next six months, they would "move from a higher service tier to a lower one, or cancel a premium service of some kind."

Thirty-two percent, to some degree, said they would, doubling the findings of a year ago.


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