Friday, September 4, 2009

Missing: 21 Pounds of Quarters

Greenfield, Massachusetts. Be on the lookout for bulging, jingling pockets.

Link to September 4 Springfield (Mass) Republican article, "$400 to $500 worth of quarters stolen from Greenfield Public Library".

Excerpt: During regular afternoon library hours, someone stole a large glass cider jug with about 21 pounds of quarters, valued at $400 to $500, that had been chained to a bookcase.

"It literally happened right under our noses," said Sharon A. Sharry, library director. The chain was cut and left behind, she said.

She said about 700 people go through the doors of the library each day. "Obviously we can't pay attention to every person that comes through the door."

The jug had been placed across from the circulation desk near the front entry.

The Friends of the Greenfield Public Library had placed the jug in the library to collect 100 pounds of quarters in honor of the library's 100th birthday last January.

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