Monday, May 20, 2019

UPDATE: Here's how the Wisconsin GOP addressed its problem areas at its annual convention

The issue was front-and-center in the prayer led to begin the convention by Rev. James Reiff of Saint John's Lutheran Congregation in Oshkosh, during which Reiff criticized GOP leaders. 
"Heavenly father, you know that when Wisconsin Republicans had the majority under Gov. Walker, they did nothing to safeguard the rights of the preborn," Reiff said. "Now, however, when we have a Democrat governor, these same Republicans piously claim that they're against abortion, all the while knowing that any abortion bill they bring to the governor's desk will be vetoed. Dear heavenly father, forgive our Republican legislators for their hypocrisy." 
Reiff called for lawmakers to reinstate a ban on abortions in Wisconsin.

Original 5/18/2019 post, "The Wisconsin GOP has a problem and here's how they plan to fix it", starts here.

The problem 

After losing 2018, Wisconsin Republicans vow to do better with key voting groups, just as Democrats did after 2014.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/17/2019)

The fix

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