Saturday, May 16, 2020

Heim's Woods UPDATE: May construction site visit

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3/29/2020 update starts here

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2/2/2020 update starts here

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Must be waiting for better weather to continue construction

1/7/2020 update starts here

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12/7/2019 update starts here.

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11/16/2019 update starts here

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10/3/2019 update starts here

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Hopefully, the above driveway will be relocated.  Otherwise, the new homeowners will need one of these.

7/22/2019 update starts here.

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The Heim Effigy Mound.  (Wisconsin Archaeological Society)

6/27/2019 update starts here.

Construction of the first of 7 houses nearly finished.  Otherwise, just mounds of dirt and, at left, what looks to be a layer of stones indicating driveway locations.

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06/09/2019 update starts here.

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4/10/2019 update starts here.

All house, no yard, I imagine.

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3/31/2019 update, "Construction resumes at Heim's Woods infill development in Middleton ", starts here.

Approach from the south on North Gateway Street
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2/4/2019 update, "Winter puts Heim's Woods infill development in Middleton on hold", starts here.

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1/8/2019 update starts here.

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12/24/2018 update, "Excavation and foundation work underway at Heim's Wood infill development in Middleton", starts here.

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2/1/2018 update, "The latest news from what is now known as Heim's Woods, a Gateway Redevelopment infill project in Middleton", starts here.

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7/6/2017 update, " Middleton Plan Commission approve Gateway Project in concept", starts here.

Minutes of the 6/27/2017 Middleton Plan Commission meeting.
Staff distributed a letter that the City has received from a neighbor to the proposed project, outlining concerns with the project. Chair Brar noted that a public hearing will be held on the proposal at a future date and people will have an opportunity to comment on the project.

Original 6/30/2017 post, "Proposed infill development at North Gateway and Charing Cross in Middleton" starts here.

Just north of University Avenue.

Photo by Retiring Guy from May 5, 2017

7 single-family home lots created on the site.

 Minutes from 6/27/2017 not yet publshed.

Death of a Presidency (chapter 8)

Quoted in Trump's continually strange comments on possibly 'overrated' coronavirus testing.  (Washington Post, 5/15/2020)

Chapter 7 begins here

Reported in “I felt no vulnerability whatsoever.” Trump downplays new White House virus cases as he pushes reopening.  (USA Today, 5/11/2020)

A very good job?

#1 with a bullet in new cases.

Nunber of active cases still peaking.

Germany, on the other hand, is doing a very good job.

Chapter 6 starts here

Dear Donald Trump,

We made ourselves look bad on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.


Retiring Guy

Donald Trump quoted in Trump Says More Testing Makes U.S. 'Look Bad,' But Its Availability Remains A Concern.  (NPR, 5/11/2020)

Chapter 5 starts here

Pence aimed to project normalcy during his trip to Iowa, but coronavirus got in the way.  (USA Today, 5/9/2020)

Veep recommended reading:
How to build community while worshipping online.  (The Conversation, 4/16/2020)

Chapter 4 starts here

The World is Taking Pity on Us.  (The New York Times, 5/8/2020)

Related reading:
Fintan O’Toole: Donald Trump has destroyed the country he promised to make great again.  (The Irish Times, 4/25/2020)

Chapter 3 begins here

Reported in Administration to Phase Out Coronavirus Task Force.   (The New York Times, 5/5/2020)

Yes, Mike, TREMENDOUS progress!

Chapter 2 starts here. 

Reported in ‘Very proud’ Trump says US coronavirus deaths per capita are ‘very strong’ – and that’s very bad.  (Raw Story, 4/30/2020)

'Very strong' in that the USA ranks 14th among all the countries of the world in number of deaths per million population.

Worldometer (text box and highlights added)

Chapter 1 begins here

Reported in Trump Didn't See It Coming: Coronavirus Deaths Increased Tenfold This Month.  (NPR, 4/23/2020)

Sources:  Worldometers (above), Source:  CDC (below)