Thursday, February 13, 2020

HEADLINE NEWS: Donald Trump's 'blue-collar boom' bypasses Wisconsin (and doesn't seem to be evident anywhere else in the U.S.)

TOP:  CCN, 11/15/2019)
In its monthly report on industrial production, the Federal Reserve announced Friday that output at American factories fell 0.8% in October against expectations of a 0.4% drop. It was the worst monthly decline since May 2018. 
On an annualized basis, industrial production was down 1.1%. Industrial production is the widest measure of factory output, capturing trends at manufacturing companies, mines and utility providers.
BOTTOM:  NBC News,m 2/5/2020
Foxconn’s hiring is “far, far behind the timeline of the original plan and there is no evidence the company will create anything close to the 13,000 jobs promised when the project was announced,” wrote Marc Levine, professor emeritus and founding director of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Center of Economic Development, in an email. 
“Nor does anyone know precisely what the company will even do in Wisconsin,” Levine added. “It is, by any reckoning, an economic development mess.”

2/12/2020 update, "Donald Trump not fooling any sentient being with his 'blue-collar boom' fantasy", starts here.

Reported in Trump’s State of the Union declared we’re in a “blue-collar boom.” Workers don’t agree.  (Brookings, 2/6/2020)

1/24/2020 update, "Donald Trump's trade wars sledgehammer", starts here.

Reported in The Trade War, Paused for Now, Is Still Wreaking Damage.  (The New York Times, 1/22/2020)

Original 1/4/2020 post, "The Trump presidency:  A visit to fantasyland", starts here.

Top headline found at Politico, 8/21/2019

Excerpt from 1/3/2020 New York Times article:
An index published by the Institute for Supply Management dropped to 47.2 in December, the lowest reading since June 2009 and the fifth straight month of contraction. A reading below 50 indicates the manufacturing sector is contracting. The lackluster manufacturing data came amid growing concerns that Mr. Trump’s recent truce with China may only partly relieve economic damage from a prolonged trade war.

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