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To be blunt, Mike, a real fucking idiot

Reported in For Trump, attacking McCain is a way to appeal to his political base.  (Washington Post, 3/21/2019)

A fandom whose members are overly representative of the white, rural, and undereducated demographics.

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Friday, March 22, 2019

UPDATE. March 2019 auto tour of the Community of Bishops Bay

9/24/2018 update starts here.

In some cases, lots in Bishops Bay cost as much as the home appraisal in the 1950-era neighborhood where my wife and I live.

11/29/2017 update starts here.

An auto tour of big houses on small lots.  (Expect to pay at least $400,000 for a house.  That doesn't include the lot.)

7/18/2017 update, "No rush to build in phase 4 plat of the Community of Bishops Bay" starts here.

Photo and video by Retiring Guy

5/2/2017 update, "Video of first 2 houses under construction in Back Nine Phase 4 of Community of Bishops Bay", starts here.

Best to view as a silent movie.  The house in the distance seems to be on a fast construction schedule.

4/6/2017 update, "First 2 houses under construction in Back Nine Phase 4 of Community of Bishops Bay", starts here.

The signage designating plat 4.

Lot 164, looking northwest.

Lot 137, looking north-northeast.

2/20/2017 update, "Lots are available in the Back Nine Neighborhood Phase 4 Plat of the Community of Bishops Bay", starts here.

Photos by Retiring Guy

9/28/2016 update, "Welcome to the Back Nine Neighborhood Phase 4 Plat of the Community of Bishops Bay", starts here.

A closer view of the sign

The obligatory video

As seen from near the CTH Q entrance to the development, a 5th apartment apartment building rises.

7/19/2016 update, "Sandhill cranes inspect back yard of this new Community of Bishop's Bay home", starts here.

Catch up with all the action at Bishop's Bay Community News.

7/15/2016 update, " Not-so-affordable views at the Community at Bishop's Bay in Middleton", starts here.

Looking southwest from 'Congressional Hill'.

If you're in the market for a 5-bedroom, 4-bath, 3866-square-foot home, this is your neighborhood!

Unfortunately, this iPhone panorama ended with some washed-out clouds.  Looking north toward Waunakee, where the kids in this new Middleton development go to school

Panoramic view.  Middleton's Northlake Neighborhood in foreground, The Community at Bishop's Bay across County Highway Q.  (5/8/2016)

With a little bit of zoom.

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Original 3/20/2016 post "The Community at Bishop's Bay in Middleotn continues to grow",  starts here.

Although the development is within the City of Middleton, it is also within the attendance area of the Waunakee Community School District.

All photos by Retiring Guy.  (This one taken last Thursday, the rest today.)

The red arrow marks the approximate position of where I stood when taking the above photo.

I stood next to this metal sculpture while snapping this photo.

The development will eventually extend beyond the silo seen in the distance center of this photo.

The development is once again a site of this year's Madison Area Builders Association Parade of Homes.  

Multi-family housing, too.

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Scott Walker's legacy: Let 'em pollute

That was then

This is now
Evers took office in January after nearly a decade of environmental rollbacks under former Republican Gov. Scott Walker. GOP lawmakers who dominate the Legislature have broadly criticized Evers’ plans. 
But conservationists say it’s possible that times are changing, and there may be enough bipartisan support to enact clean-water measures.\
The cynic in me sez, "Don't hold your breath."

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GET ME REWRITE: Scott Walker joins group that fought to preserve gerrymandered congressional districts in Pennsylvania

What the PA GOP drew in 2011
Source:  Penn Live

On February 3, 2018, the Springfield News-Leader reported that the NRRT helped fund amicus briefs opposing legal challenges to district maps in Pennsylvania and North Carolina.[5]

They fought against this map, redrawn the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, and lost.

Scott Walker to raise money for Republican redistricting group. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/21/2019)
As fundraising chairman for the National Republican Redistricting Trust, Walker will serve in some ways as a counterpoint to Eric Holder, the former attorney general under President Barack Obama who has been active in Wisconsin politics since last year. Holder oversees the National Democratic Redistricting Committee. Both groups say they want to ensure redistricting is fair after the 2020 census, but they're likely to differ on what qualifies as fair.

In other words, Scott Walker must think these districts, overruled and redrawn by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, are fair.

Source:  CBS News

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Transparency is not a word in Robin Vos's vocabulary.  (1/1/2019)

GET ME REWRITE: Mets invite 31-year-old minor-leaguer with .244 batting average to spring training camp

So far, he's batting .267 -- 4 for 15, all singles, with 0 runs scored and 0 runs batted in.

Mets invite Tim Tebow to big league spring training camp again.  (USA Today, 1/17/2019)

8/27/2018 update, "And none of them is named Tim Tebow", starts here.

And yet....and yet.....

7/15/2018 update, " Tim Tebow plays in Eastern League all-star game because he's Tim Tebow', starts here.

Source:  Eastern League

Tim Tebow doubles in first Eastern League All-Star Game at-bat.  (USA Today, 7/11/2018)
The rest of the story.  Tebow grounded out to shortstop in the fifth inning, flied out to left field in the seventh and, representing the go-ahead run in the bottom of the ninth, struck out swinging.

9/24/2017 update, " Tim Tebow finishes minor-league season with .226 batting average, 1 strikeout every 3.86 plate appearances", starts here.

Not called up by the New York Mets.  Yet.  (Though the Mets has just 3 games left on their home schedule after today.)

Source:  CBS Sports

Tim Tebow will return to the Mets in 2018, though a September call-up is uncertain.  (CBS Sports, 9/1/2017)
Maybe I'm just a cynic, but I think the chances of Tebow getting a September call-up are pretty good. The Mets are out of the race and they have two regular outfielders on the disabled list (Michael Conforto and Yoenis Cespedes), so roster space and a lineup spot are available.  
f the Mets were to bring Tebow up for their final homestand, they'd get a nice little late season attendance and merchandise sales boost. This is the entertainment business, and Tebow generates an awful lot of buzz, whether you like it or not. With the Mets out of the race, there's nothing to lose and lots to gain.

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Tebow Called Up To Help Mets Pray For Season To Be Over.  (The Kicker, 7/17/2017)

8/15/2017 update, "Tim Tebow goes 4 for 34 in last 10 games, now batting .228 for the season", starts here.

Source:  MiLB

Batting average droped 31 points over the last 10 games.

Don't be surprised if the Mets call Tebow up in September.   Seventeen games out of 1st place, 10 games below .500, their season is over as far as reaching the playoffs is concerned.  Despite what Mets GM Sandy Alderson said in July, the team will need to generate some excitement to put more fannies in the seats at Citi Field through thte end of the regular season. (highlight added)

4/20/2017 update, "Tim Tebow's batting average drops 75 points during past 10 days", starts here.

Source:  Columbia Fireflies (highlight added)

Fireflies rival trolls Tebow on Twitter.  (The Island Packet, 3/21/2017)
On it’s social media account, the Drive, the Class A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox, teed off on Tebow. It started off by making light of Tebow’s struggles at the plate during spring training, making ticket holders an offer of free hamburgers from Burger King should Tebow strike out three times or more during a game in their series in Greenville from June 13-15.

Original 4/10/2017 post, "Fetishizing Tim Tebow", starts here.

As in to treat him with extravagant irrational devotion.

Photo credit:  Major League Baseball
As the Associated Press pointed out after his first home run, this isn’t necessarily a sign that Tebow is going to be a slugger. He hit a home run during his first at-bat in the Instructional League last fall, but averaged .148 in 27 appearances* during spring training for the Mets,

*That would be 4 hits in 27 at-bats, lower than any other position player currently on the Mets roster.

As of this morning, he's batting .231 -- 3 for 13, with 2 home runs -- for the class-A Columbia Fireflies

The 29-year-old Tim Tebow is playing baseball because he's Tim Tebow, not because he's earned it.  He continues to keep a more deserving player off a minor-league baseball roster.

Disappearing cities of the Mountain State: Logan, West Virginia

It all started here.

Source:  Wikipedia

Logan's population peaked at 5,166 in 1940.  Its 2017  estimated population is 1,600 -- a drop of 3,566 (69%).

Incorporated as Aracome in 1953 and renamed in 1907, the City of Logan is the county seat of Logan County and is located 57 SW of Charleston.

Other disappearing West Virginia cities:
Bluefield.  (3/20/2019)
Charleston.  (3/14/2019)
Clarksburg.  (3/19/2019)
Fairmont.  (3/18/2019)
Huntington.  (3/15/2019)
Parkersburg. (3/16/2019)
South Charleston.  (3/21/2019)
Weirton.  (3/17/2019)
Wheeling  (1/16/2019)

         Disappearing cities and boroughs of the Buckeye State

Other disappearing cities of the Buckeye State:
Akron. (2/28/2019)
Brook Park (3/3/2019)
Cambridge.  (2/27/2019)
Canton.  (3/1/2019)
Cleveland.  (1/2/2019)
Cleveland Heights.  (3/5/2019)
East Cleveland. (3/2/2019)
East Liverpool.  (2/18/2019)
Euclid.  (3/4/2019)
Gallipolis.  (2/23/2019)
Garfield Heights (3/6/2019)
Ironton.  (2/24/2019)
Lakewood.  (3/8/2019)
Maple Heights, 3/7/2019)
Martins Ferry.  (2/21/2019)
Parma.  (3/9/2019)
Pomeroy.  (2/22/2019)
Portsmouth.  (2/25/2019)
Steubenville.  (2/20/2019)
Warren.  (1/18/2019)
Youngstown.  (1/9/2019)
Zanesville.  (2/26/2019)

Disappearing cities and boroughs of the Keystone State

Aliquippa.  (1/12/2019)
Ambridge.  (1/17/2019)
Arnold.  (1/18/2019)
Braddock.  (1/19/2019)
Bradford, (1/20/2019)
Carbondale.  (1/21/2019)
Charleroi.  (1/22/2019)
Chester.  (1/23/2019)
Clairton.  (1/24/2019)
Coraopolis.  (1/25/2019)
Dickson City.  (1/26/2019)
Donora.  (1/27/2019)
Duquesne.  (1/28/2019)
Farrell.  (1/29/2019)
Harrisburg.  (2/12/2019)
Homestead.  (1/30/2019)
Johnstown.  (1/6/2019)
McKees Rocks.  (1/31/2019)
McKeesport.  (2/1/2019)
Monessen.  (2/2/2019)
Nanticoke.  (2/3/2019)
New Castle.  (2/4/2019)
New Kensington.  (2/5/2019)
Oil City.  (2/6/2019)
Pittsburgh.  (1/13/2019)
Pittston. (2/7/2019)
Scranton.  (1/14/2019)
Shamokin.  (2/8/2019)
Sharon.  (2/9/2019)
Steelton.  (2/11/2019)
Swissvale.  (2/13/2019)
Titusville.  (2/10/2019)
Uniontown.  (2/14/2019)
Washington.  (2/15/2019)
Willkes-Barre.  (2/16/2019)
Wiklinsburg.  (2/17/2018)

Other U.S. disappearing cities

Baltimore, Maryland.  (12/31/2018)
Benton Harbor, Michigan.  (1/15/2019)
Buffalo, New York, (1/8/2019)
Cairo, Illinois.   (1/5/2019)
Detroit, Michigan.  (1/1/2019)
East St. Louis, Illinois.  (1/11/2019)
Flint, Michigan.  (1/7/2019)
Gary, Indiana.  (1/4/2019)
St. Louis, Missouri.  (1/2/2019)

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Greetings from Trump's America: Logan County, West Virginia

Major Richard Ojeda went to sleep on Tuesday without waiting for the election results, and when he woke up and started reading posts on his phone, at first he didn’t believe them. “It was surreal,” he said. “I was scrolling down to make sure they weren’t fake.” It had been clear for months that West Virginia would go for Trump, and, indeed, in Logan County, where Ojeda lives with his family now that he’s retired from the military, Trump won just less than eighty per cent of the vote. But Ojeda and most people he knew had assumed that Clinton would win the country. 
The first thing he felt was relief that Clinton would not be extending Obama’s coal regulations. Four more years of those would have been the end of Logan, he thought. But the election had not been just about Obama, or Clinton, or even Trump, he felt: it was something deeper that people had been responding to. “I think our country has finally started to wake up to the fact that everything’s soft,” he said on Wednesday. “You don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings, and everybody seems to be getting a handout without having to work. I don’t want to come off as callous, but I’m telling you it feels that way

  • 19.8% - Logan  County
  • 19.4% - West Virginia
  • 15.6% - U.S.

Source: Wikipedia

Located 67 miles SW of  Charleston, 77 miles SE of Huntington

Percentage of population 25 and older with a bachelor's degree:
  •   8.7% - Logan County
  • 19.9% - West Virginia
  • 30.9% - U.S.

3rd-party candidates received 11.5% of vote in 1992, 10.6% of vote in 1996, 3/6% in 2016
(George Wallace received 9.2% of the vote in 1968)

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Covington County. (11/11/2017)
Dale County.  (12/12/2017)
Geneva County.  (11/11/2017)
Marion County.  (11/11/2017)

8th congressional district.  (4/25/2018)

Faulkner County.  (3/20/2018)
Mississippi County.  (3/19/2018)
Woodruff County.  (3/26/2018)

Mesa County.  (7/20/2017)
Shasta County.  (7/4/2017

Morgan County.  (4/25/2017)

Citrus County.  (3/5/2017)
DeSoto County,.  (9/9/2017)
Pinellas County.   (3/14/2019)

Kootenai County.  (9/25/2017)

Effingham County.  (2/15/2018)
Franklin County.  (2/27/2017)
Jo Daviess County.  (5/13/2018)
Knox County.  (5/13/2018)
McHenry County.  (2/5/2017)
Perry County.  (5/8/2017)
Stephenson County.  (5/13/2018)
Whiteside County.  (5/13/2018)
16th Congressional District.  (3/26/2017)

Dearborn County.  (3/16/2019)
Franklin County.  (3/16/2019)
Granger.  (3/26/2017)
Hendricks County.  (10/1/2017)
Howard County.  (3/19/2019)
Huntington County.  (4/27/2017)
Jefferson County.  (3/10/2018)
Madison County.  (3/16/2019)
Posey County.  (10/21/2017)
Scott County,.  (10/21/2017)
Union County.  (3/16/2019)
Vigo County.  (3/15/2019)
Wayne County.  (3/16/2019)

Adair County.  (9/16/2018)
Adams County.  (9/16/2018)
Allamakee County.  (7/31/2018)
Appanoose County.  (8/4/2018)
Benton County.  (8/2/2018)
Boone County.  (1/15/2017)
Bremer County.  (8/2/2018)
Buchanan County.  (8/2/2018)
Butler County. (8/6/2018)
Calhoun County.  (9/6/2018)
Cass County.  (4/3/2018)
Cedar County.  (7/31/2018)
Cerro Gordo County.  (8/6/2018)
Chickasaw County.  (8/2/2018)
Clarke County.  (8/8/2018)
Clayton County.  (7/31/2018)
Clinton County.   (10/15/2017)
Davis County.  (8/3/2018)
Decatur County.  ( 7/5/2018)
Delaware County.  (7/31/2018)
Des Moines County.  (8/1/2018)
Emmet County.  (8/19/2018)
Fayette County.  (8/2/2018)
Floyd County.  (9/25/2018 update)
Franklin County, (8/14/2017)
Greene County.  (9/6/2018)
Guthrie County.  (9/16/2018)
Hamilton County.  (4/2/2018)
Hancock County. (8/7/2018)
Hardin County.  (4/2/2018)
Henry County.  (7/9/2018)
Howard County.  (8/2/2018)
Iowa County.  (8/2/2018)
Jasper County.  (8/5/2018)
Jefferson County.  (8/1/2018)
Keokuk County.  (8/2/2018)
Kossuth County.  (8/18/2018)
Lee County.  (8/1/2018)
Louisa County.  (8/1/2018)
Lucas County.  (8/5/2018)
Lyon County.  (4/2/2018)
Madison County.  (8/8/2018)
Marion County.  (5/23/2017)
Mitchell County.  (8/7/2018)
Monticello County.  (1/13/2017)
Muscatine County.  (8/1/2018)
Palo Alto County.  (9/6/2018)
Pocahontas County.  (9/6/2018)
Poweshiek and Webster counties.  (2/7/2017)
Ringgold County.  (8/8/2018)
Sioux County.  (8/26/2018 update)
Tama County.  (7/6/2018)
Taylor County.  (9/16/2018)
Union County.  (9/10/2017)
Wapello County.  (8/3/2018)
Washington County.  (4/2/2018)
Wayne County.  (8/5/2018)
Webster County.  (8/9/2018)
Winnebago County. (12/17/2017)
Winneshiek County.  (8/2/2018)
Worth County. (8/7/2018)
Wright County.  (8/8/2017)

Clark County.  (3/21/2017)
Comanche County. (12/22/2018)
Mitchell County.  (1/29/2017)
Sumner County.  (10/1/2017)

Bell County.  (6/4/2018)
Hancock County,.  (10/21/2017)
Jackson County.  (12/9/2017)
Knox and Whitley counties.  (2/17/2017)
Lee County.  (12/9/2017)
Letcher County.  (6/29/2017)
Martin County.  (3/22/2018)
Perry County.  (10/10/2017)
Rowan County.  (6/4/2018)

Calcasieu Parish,.  (5/22/2017)
St. Martin Parish.  (4/26/2017)

Piscataquis County.  (7/3/2017)

Lake County.  (9/16/2018)
Macomb County.  (11/29/2017)
Monroe County.  (3/9/2019)
St. Joseph County.  (6/5/2017)

Chisago County.  (6/20/2018)
Itasca County.  (5/12/2018)
Lac qui Parle County.  (7/2/2017)
Mower County.  (5/12/2018)
Nobles County.  (1/26/2018)

Pontotoc County.  (7/19/2017)

Butler County.  (7/22/2018)

Sioux County.  (12/22/2018)

New Jersey
7th Congressional District.  (4/14/2017)

New York
Broome County.  (2/14/2019)
Cayuga County.  (2/13/2019)
Cortland County.  (2/14/2019)
Essex County.  (11/29/2017 update)
Franklin County. (2/9/2019)
Fulton County.  (2/10/2019)
Herkimer County.  (2/10/2019)
Orange County.  (2/15/2019)
Oswego County.  (2/11/2019)
Otsego County.  (2/12/2019)
Putnam County.  (2/27/2018)
Renssalaer County.  (2/13/2019)
St. Lawrrence County.  (2/8/2019)
Seneca County.  (2/14/2019)
Sullivan County.  (2/15/2019)
Warren County.  (2/11/2019)
Washington County.  (2/11/2019)
19th Congressional District.  (3/26/2017)

North Carolina
Robeson County.  (12/1/2017)
Union County.  (3/9/2017)

North Dakota
Sargent County.  (10/22/2017)

Adams County.  (12/9/2017)
Ashtabula County.  (2/18/2019)
Belmont County.  (7/17/2018)
Columbiana County,  (12/11/2017)
Coshocton County. (3/6/2019)
Defiance County.  (3/21/2017)
Erie County.  (3/5/2019)
Gallia County.  (2/23/2019)
Guernsey County.  (2/27/2019)
Highland County.   (3/19/2017)
Huron County.  (6/19/2017)
Jackson County.  (6/6/2017)
Jefferson County.  (2/20/2019)
Lawrence County.  (2/25/2018)
Marion County.  (7/14/2018)
Meigs County.  (2/22/2019)
Morgan County.  (10/10/2017)
Muskingum County.  (2/26/2019)
Ottawa County. (3/5/2019)
Portage County.  (3/7/2019)
Sandusky County.  (3/5/2019)
Shelby County.  (3/2/2018)
Trumbull County.  (4/3/2017)
Van Wert County.  (4/12/2017)
Wayne County.  (5/6/2018)
Williams County.  (3/21/2017)
Wood County.  (3/6/2019)
Wyandot County.  (5/4/2018)

Bryan County.  (5/5/2017)
Nowata County.  (5/5/2018)

Douglas County.  (5/17/2017)

Beaver County.  (2/8/2019)
Cambria County (Johnstown).  (6/3/2017)
Dauphin County. (4/22/2017)
Erie County.  (10/11/2018 update)
Fayette County.  (7/25/2018)
Greene County.  (5/3/2017)
Lawrence County.  (2/5/2019)
UPDATE. Luzerne County.  (1/14/2017)
Mercer County.  (2/9/2019)
Northampton County.  (7/20/2017)
Old Forge (Lackawanna County).  3/18/2019)
Wayne County.  (3/1/2018)
Williamsport.  (1/24/2017)

South Carolina
Spartanburg County.  (6/5/2017)

South Dakota
Lawrence County,.  (4/27/2017)

Campbell County.  (12/10/2017)
Lake County.  (12/22/2018)
Marion County.  (4/1/2017)
Maury County.  (10/31/2017)
Roane County.  (5/1/2018)
Union County.  (5/30/2017)

Gaines County.  (4/26/2017)
Shackelford County.  (2/26/2018)

Grays Harbor County.  (8/20/2017)

West Virginia
Berkeley County.  (3/25/2018)
Boone County.  (3/23/2018)
Brooke County.  (3/17/2019)
Cabell County.  (8/4/2017)
Doddridge County.  (3/19/2019)
Fayette County.  (1/24/2017)
Greenbrief County.  (12/14/2018)
Hancock County. (3/17/2019)
Harrison County.  (3/19/2019)
Jackson County.  (6/18/2017)
Lincoln County.  (3/21/2019)
Marion County.  (3/18/2019)
Marshall County.  (2/7/2018)
Mason County.  (12/16/2017)
McDowell County.  (7/10/2017)
Mercer County.  (3/20/2019)
Mingo County.  (3/25/2018)
Summers County.  (3/25/2018)
Wayne County.  (3/24/2018)
Wetzel County.  (3/19/2019)
Wood County.  (1/15/2019)
Wyoming County.  (3/20/2019)

6th congressional district.  (1/27/2018)
Adams County.  (2/6/2017)
Buffalo County.  (3/19/2017)
Burnett County.  (2/24/2018)
Clark County,.  (8/13/2018)
Crawford County.  (5/14/2018)
Fond du Lac County.  (3/7/2018)
Grant County.  (5/16/2018)
Green Lake County.  (1/26/2018)
Jackson County.  (3/8/2018)
Johnson Creek.  (1/21/2017)
Juneau County.  (2/23/2017)
Lafayette County.  (5/16/2018)
Manitowoc County.  (8/10/2017)
Monroe County.  (3/8/2018)
Oconto County.  (7/24/2018)
Oneida County.  (4/24/2017)
Pepin County.  (12/21/2017)
Price County.  (12/23/2018 update)
Richland County.  (11/10/2017)
Sauk County.  (5/14/2018)
Sawyer County.  (3/20/2017)
Taylor County.  (12/23/2018 update)
Vernon County.  (5/14/2018)
Waushara County.  (2/6/2017)
Winnebago County.  (11/27/2017)
Wood County.  (3/8/2018)