Tuesday, December 10, 2019

What's up with Florence County, Wisconsin?

Trump won more than 71% of the vote in 2016, the highest of any of Wisconsin's 72 counties.

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It's a beautiful area of the state.....


Florence County Leads State’s Conservative Charge With Action Against Marijuana, Gun Control.  (WXPR, 12/2/2019)
Kerznar was worried about marijuana in his home county, Florence County, which shares a border with Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Florence County shares its northern border with Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  
Earlier this year, Kerznar became the driving force behind two politically conservative resolutions in the county, which in 2016 supported President Trump at a higher rate than any other. 
One resolution opposed marijuana legalization in Wisconsin. 
Another made the county the first Second Amendment Sanctuary county in Wisconsin, giving its sheriff the green light to ignore gun control laws he finds unconstitutional. 
Both passed the county board unanimously with support from Sheriff Dan Miller, who Kerznar calls a “rock star.”

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