Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The NIMBY chronicles (the Salvation Army homeless shelter expansion edition)

Photos by Retiring Guy

Madison Plan Commission recommends expansion of Salvation Army homeless shelter.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 11/12/2019)
The expansion has drawn opposition from neighbors who fear the development will bring crime and other bad behaviors. The neighbors asked the Plan Commission to delay a decision until the Salvation Army proposes a more robust plan for how it will handle security outside of the facility.

Robust.  It's currently the most overused, meaningless, and increasingly coded adjective in the English language.

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Neighbors of Salvation Army organizing to stall shelter expansion, ask for security plan.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 9/12/2019)

At a meeting Wednesday at the Brink Lounge, which is less than a block from the Salvation Army, neighbors described incidents of “anti-social behavior,” including open drug dealing in the streets, overdoses, aggressive panhandling, screaming at night, fights, thefts and other bad behavior. The residents said they want the city to find another location for the expansion or come up with some sort of security plan to address problems in the area.  
Salvation Army refines plans for homeless shelter, housing.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 7/15/2019)
The design changes and refinements come amid continuing concern about security and safety at the existing Salvation Army property and how those issues will be addressed in a redevelopment.
EDITORIALSalvation Army plan deserves path to approval in Madison.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/26/2019)
The charitable organization, best known for ringing bells to raise money for the needy at Christmas time, is still refining how it wants to replace and dramatically improve its facilities in the 600 block of East Washington Avenue. Some adjustments to its proposal may be needed. Neighborhood concerns must be considered — something the Salvation Army pledges to address. 
But the larger goal should be to find a way to say “yes” to this vital project. Madison needs more progress in helping the homeless find stable housing and pursue better lives.

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