Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue throws Wisconsin's small dairy farmers under the tractor

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Trump farm secretary: No guarantee small farms will survive.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 10/1/2019)
Perdue said he believes the 2018 farm bill should help farmers stay afloat.

Oh, really?

Dairy Herd Management, 8/13/2019
Wisconsin lost another 42 dairy farms in July, and since January 1, has lost 491 farms, reports the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. 
At this rate, the Dairy State could lose 735 dairy farms this year, which would be a decline of 9%. 
In 2018, the state lost 691 farms, a rate of decline of 7.9%. Over the last decade the state has lost more than 5,000 farms, or 40% of its licensed dairy farms. To state the obvious, the current rate of exits is more than double that of the last decade.

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