Thursday, October 3, 2019

GET ME REWRITE: Kim Reynolds warbles a slavish cover version of Tammy Wynette's "Stand By Your Man"

Gov. Reynolds: ‘I don’t think there’s anything’ to Trump impeachment inquiry.  (Des Moines, Register, 10/2/2019)

Whoa.  Kim is in 

  1. Euple Byrd (1960-1966)
  2. Lloyd Franklin Amburgey (1967-1968)
  3. George Jones (1969-1975)
  4. Michael Tomlin (44 days in 1976)
  5. George Richey (1976-1996)
Who am I standing by today?

9/25/2019 update, "Iowa ethanol crisis UPDATE:  Governor Kim Reynolds gets sold a bill of goods",  starts here.

Reported in Another renewable fuel plant closes as Iowa leaders wait for White House biofuels fix. (Des Moines Register, 9/25/2019)

"Honor" and "Trump" in the same sentence does not compute.

Original 9/16/2019 post, "GET ME REWRITE:  Trump's actions continue to punish Iowa agriculture", starts here.

Reported in With the clock ticking on ethanol plants, Iowans urge Trump to reverse damage to biofuels industry.  (Des Moines Register, 9/15/2019)

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