Friday, August 9, 2019

When Robin Vos sez "JUMP!", John Behling asks, "How high?"

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UW Response to White Nationalism: Threaten Students Protesting Hate.  (Wisconsin Examiner, 8/7/2019)

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UW system Board of Regents elect its youngest president.  (La Crosse Tribune, 6/9/2017)
Behling, of Eau Claire, is an attorney and vice president at the Weld Riley law firm, where he specializes in representing frac sand mining companies.

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UPDATE. Your UW Board of Regents: Totally owned by Scott Walker.  (10/7/2017)
Scott Walker omits key fact in press release announcing traditional student representative to UW Board of Regents.  (4/30/2017)
Dear UW System Board of Regents appointee, Is writing campaign contribution checks a kitchen table thing, too?  (4/18/2017)
Michael T. Jones: UW Regents appointee, high-powered lawyer, big GOP donor, recuser-to-be.  (4/18/2017)
UPDATE:  UW System Board of Regents campaign donation table gets even redder as of June 1.  (3/30/2017)

More specifically, Lapdog Cross has the support of Walker appointees and GOP donors.  (5/11/2016)
Regents leadership Ray Cross consulted are members of GOP donors' club.  (4/7/2016)
UW Board of Regents rubberstamps Walker's tenure policy changes with 'task force' flourish.  (3/10/2016)
Education Committee chair of Board of Regents of University of Wisconsin System has donated $10,400 to Scott Walker.  (2/5/2016)

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