Monday, August 5, 2019

GOP members of Congress announce their retirements from the House early and often

Say goodbye to Paul Mitchell, who represents Michigan's 10th congressional district.  He is currently serving his second term.

GOP's Mitchell plans to retire from Congress that's 'too busy playing politics'.  (The Detroit News, 7/24/2019)
Mitchell, a 62-year-old millionaire and former corporate executive, said he doesn't know yet what he'll do after retiring, but that he's unlikely to run for office again.

At this rate, the district might turn blue by 2034.

Source:  Ballotpedia 

Mitchell represents the thumb area of Michigan's lower peninsula.

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Trump's America
Sources:  CNN (US/MI), Daily Kos (MI 10th CD)

The Obama elections:
  • 2008:  McCain, 50%, Obama, 48%
  • 2012:  Romney, 55.3%; Obama 43.7%

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