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GET ME REWRITE: Best wishes and good riddance to WEDC CEO and Walker shill Mark Hogan

Reported in WEDC leader plans to resign on Sept. 3.  (, 8/27/2019)

The downsizing of Scott Walker's FoxCon.

Reported in Property owners near Foxconn say they were misled. Now their homes are gone.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/3/2019)
The $3 billion was just a starting point.  The Village of Mount Pleasant and Racine County have created a tax-increment district to pay for $911 million in land acquisition, infrastructure and other expenses to support the Foxconn project. The costs are expected to be recouped with funding and property tax revenue from Foxconn and other businesses in the district. 
The $911 million is on top of the $3 billion incentive package approved by the GOP-controlled state Legislature and signed into law by then-Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican.

Original 8/8/2019 post, "WEDC CEO and Scott Walker shill Mark Hogan still coming to the rescue of his former boss", starts here.

Reported in Economist says Foxconn deal is a loser, but the company and Wisconsin's economic development agency hit back.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/7/2019)

In all, Hogan made 30 contributions to GOP candidate totaling $21,550, of which Scott Walker received the lion's share.  (13 contributions totaling $18,250.)

See all of Hogan's donation at Wisconsin Democrach Campaign

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The checkered history of WEDC

Too bad the WEDC audit was released after Scott Walker signed GOP power grab legislation. (12/20/2018)
You'll want to take news of this award with a big grain of salt. (12/8/2018) 
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From the start, WEDC was never about regulation and record-keeping, according to Scott Walker himself.  (10/25/2017)
UPDATE. Kestrel Aircraft: Is this a variation of Scott Walker's Foxconn strategy? (10/22/2017)
UPDATE. In light of WEDC's abysmal track record in getting it right, it's best they take no action.  (9/29/2017)
Dynamic Recycling CEO Miles Harter donates $3,075 to GOP candidates, company will get up to $535,000 in state income tax credits.  (8/14/2017)
 All told, the Kerns have donated nearly $400,000 to Republican and conservative candidates.  (8/14/2017)
WEDC at the ready to verify Foxconn job numbers.  (8/12/2017)
VF Corp. in Wisconsin: That was then, this is now.  (4/4/2017)

Scott Walker: Wisconsin is open for business 'for the people who truly need it'.  (8/31/2016)
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UPDATE: Apparently, WEDC CEO Mark Hogan is willing to do Scott Walker's bidding til heat is on.  (7/14/2016)
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Robin Vos sez, "They don't want rebranding because they think WEDC's brand is OK."  (12/30/2015)
WEDC board members say, "Gee, maybe we should start vetting requests for financial assistance." (12/14/2015)
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Based on WEDC's previous track record, this is what came to mind when I saw first saw this headline.  (4/2/2015)
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Incompetence rewarded.  (5/9/2013)
And while we're at it, let's take a look at WEDC 's core values. (5/9/2013)
WEDC Public Information Officer Resigns After 1 Month on the Job.  (5/9/2013)
Plenty of time for messaging but none for fixing what ails WEDC.  (5/9/2013)
Previous WEDC audits?  What previous audits?  (5/8/2013)
Are you seeing a trend yet?  (5/8/2013)
Echoes.  (5/7/2013)
Get me rewrite.  (5/4/2013)
Legislative Audit Bureau Report on Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation: The "Cliff Notes" Version.  (5/3/2013
"Tales of woe never end at WEDC."  (4/25/2013)

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