Saturday, July 6, 2019

The Verge does its own version of GET ME REWRITE and smacks Milwaukee Journal Sentinel headline writer upside the head

It has been difficult for Foxconn Technology Group to operate in Wisconsin because the firm doesn’t have its usual freedom to alter plans as economic conditions change, a key executive says in a video circulating in the firm’s home country, Taiwan. 
“Foxconn has never been operating in such a fashion before,” Louis Woo, special assistant to company founder Terry Gou, said of the firm’s activities in Wisconsin. “Now we are almost like living in a glass fishbowl, and we are the only goldfish inside that bowl.”
Foxconn is one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world, so it’s a little surprising that a handful of articles from the business press investigating whether the company will actually build the LCD factory it’s contractually obligated to build counts as “living in a fishbowl,” especially after it kicked the project off with President Trump and Terry Gou literally holding gold-plated shovels. 

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