Friday, June 28, 2019

The pretzel logic of Supreme Court Justice John Roberts

Quoted in Supreme Court says federal courts cannot strike down partisan gerrymandering.  (USA Today, 6/27/2019)

What about these doggy lines, CJ.

Source:  govtrack

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North Carolina’s extreme gerrymandering could save the House Republican majority.  (5/8/2018)
Welcome to North Carolina, “ground zero” for gerrymandering. North Carolina is a purple state. Politically, the state is about 50 percent Democrat and 50 percent Republican — it went for Barack Obama in 2008 but for Republicans in 2012 and 2016 (although voters elected Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper). In a competitive election year like 2018, Democrats should have the opportunity to pick up plenty of congressional seats. 
But if you look at its congressional maps, Republicans have an incredibly lopsided advantage. That’s intentional; Republican state Rep. Dave Lewis admitted as much in 2016, during the redistricting process.

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