Sunday, June 23, 2019

Schenk's Corners mixed-use development, Atwood Avenue, Madison WI

Photos and video by Retiring Guy

Krupp looks to build apartments on Atwood with public parking, if he can get TIF. (Capital Times, 12/8/2019)
A new proposal would turn a parking lot on Atwood Avenue into a mixed-use development, enlivening the space and providing 76 units of housing. 
Developer Joe Krupp wants his project to include public parking for businesses in the Schenk's Corners area, including restaurants and bars, but it's unclear if he'll have the funding to make that parking a reality. 
Krupp is proposing a four-story building at 1936 and 1938 Atwood Ave.

79-unit Atwood apartment project up for city approvals Monday.  (Capital Times, 1/28/2019)
The property contains a house, currently rented out as five apartments, that would be demolished, and a large surface parking lot serving nearby Monona State Bank at 1965 Atwood Ave. and SARA Investment Real Estate at 1955 Atwood Ave.

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