Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Redtail Ackers housing development in Middleton WI: site visit

8/18/2019 update starts here

Photos and video by Retiring Guy

7/24/2019 update starts here.

At the end of Redtail Pass in Middleton's North Lake neighborhood

Photo and video by Retiring Guy

From the parking lot of Orchids Garden Centre & Nursery

6/26/2019 update starts here.

County trunk highway Q near the northern edge of Middleton

Photos by Retiring Guy

Looking west toward the North Lake neighborhood, which was developed in the late 1990s/early 2000s

That's Orchids Garden Centre & Nursery in the distance at right

The top of Frederick's Hill is seen in the center distance beyond North Lake

Location highlighted on aerial photo

Original 5/22/2019 post starts here.

Took awhile for this project to get underway.

Photo by Retiring Guy

Housing pitched at Orchids site.  (Waunakee Tribune, 8/8/2017)
At its meeting July 24, the Middleton Westport Joint Zoning Committee reviewed the plan, which includes 16 residential units – nine single-family homes and seven free-standing condominiums – on a 6 ½-acre parcel that would connect to Redtail Pass. 
“If it works out with Middleton, it should be fine, and if our retail and residences there are taken care of, it should be fine,” said Town of Westport Administrator/Attorney Tom Wilson.

It didn't work out as planned.

 The Northlake Neighborhood wanted no condos, no apartments.  It would bring "those people" into their midst.  Of course, they outwardly made 'water retention'  and 'safety' their main concerns.

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