Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Dear UW-Madison administration, Raising the pride flag is the least you can do. Best, Retiring Guy

Before "coming out" and "outing" were part of the gay dialogue, the university already had a decided policy. Getting caught as a homosexual could mean a notation on a student's official transcript that the individual was "not entitled to honorable dismissal." This was similar to the military's dishonorable discharge. 
When former Wisconsin students sought to apply to other institutions, their homosexual pasts followed them, thanks to university officials. Regularly, UW staff sent out letters to officials at other universities, stating, for example, "Mr. D—— was unfortunately involved with a group of our students last spring who confessed to homosexual behavior," or that a student's "problem related to a sexual aberration."

UW-Madison, however, reserves the spot atop Bascom Hall for the U.S. and Wisconsin flags, according to spokesman John Lucas. "UW-Madison values and celebrates the diversity of all members of its campus community," he said, adding that officials are exploring outdoor pride flag displays for other spaces in future years.

In other words, UW-Madison kicks the can down the road.

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