Saturday, June 15, 2019

"Citizen" Robin Vos: "They don't want professional politicians"

College town slumlord Robin Vos owns 23 properties worth $3.8 million in Whitewater.

Some Wisconsin lawmakers double as landlords — and have passed laws that undermine renters' rights.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/14/2019)

Choice quality quotes from article:
  1. But the landlord-driven bills stand out for the volume, quick passage and the fact some came in direct response to specific problems faced by the lawmaker landlords.
  2. "The idea of having a citizen legislature where people have experience is what everybody says they want, right?" said Vos, who had held elective office since 1994 and owns an array of businesses. "They don't want professional politicians."
  3. Wisconsin landlord-tenant law had changed little for years before the 2010 election. 
  4. The first landlord bill, which limited the powers of municipalities in policing the rental industry, was sponsored by Vos and Lasee in May 2011.

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