Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Population loss in rural Iowa: Davis County

Source:  Wikipedia (Davis County, Bloomfield)

Bloomfield is the county seat of Davis County.

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Rural Iowa dwindling.  (Ottumwa Courier, 3/27/2008)
And while Appanoose, Jefferson and Keokuk all lost residents between 2000-06, the local news isn’t all bad. Both Van Buren and Davis Counties grew slightly over the last few years. 
“We think we’re a really good place to live because of numerous [benefits] here,” said Davis County Supervisor Max Proctor. 
He cited the lakes, the history and other amenities that are attractive to Davis County residents. But there are other counties that have such things, and they lost ground. 
“Anything I tell you would be conjecture. Certainly, our Amish population is helping; they’re pretty steady. And our young people are coming back in a few instances, and people are coming back here to retire. It’s a fairly economical place to live. We’ve had people move here from Ottumwa,” Proctor said.

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Greetings from Trump's America: Davis County, Iowa, where 96.1% of the declining population is white.  (8/3/2018)

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