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East Johnson Street mixed-use development UPDATE: October construction progress visit

Photos by Retiring Guy

North Blount Street view

Some of the century-old houses on the block are being rehabbed.

7/22/2019 update starts here.

East Johnson perspective

Photos by Retiring Guy

From the back side -- on East Dayton

Renderings and a floor plan from Palisade Property

All studio units (571 square feet) are "sold out".  As a point of comparison, a 710-square-foot 1-bedroom unit will set you back $1,575 per month.  Yikes!

Where this development is taking place

4/15/2019 update starts here.
Photos by Retiring Guy

11/30/2018 update starts here.

Photos by Retiring Guy

Original 9/7/2018 post, "East Johnson Street  mixed-use development had its ups and downs but is now moving forward", starts here.

Photos  by Retiring Guy

Neighbors push back against large East Johnson development.  (Capital Times, 11/27/2017)
Eight of the existing houses would be renovated, with one moved to a different area of the property and three moved to lots on East Gorham Street and potentially East Dayton Street. The remaining five houses on the property would be renovated and rented out as apartments. 
Three houses would be demolished, and in place of the demolished and moved buildings, Houden would build two three-story buildings, providing 58 apartments. Those new buildings would have first-floor retail space and underground parking, and would provide a mix of studio, one, two and three-bedroom units. 

Updated: Plan Commission approves large East Johnson project without neighborhood support.  (Capital Times, 6/1/2018)
The Tenney-Lapham Neighborhood Association council had voted against supporting the plans, though some residents had voiced their support. Ledell Zellers, alder for the district, wrote a letter in opposition to the project. 
“I really wish that they had had some smaller buildings, more green space, that the density wasn’t as high,” Patty Prime, president of TLNA, said before the meeting. “Given where they started, they have made a lot of positive changes. But it's still a very big development.”

Madison City Council to reconsider East Johnson Street project, vending zoning changes. (Capital Times, 7/9/2018)
Ald. Ledell Zellers, District 2, represents the neighborhood and opposes the project. She said Houden’s proposal contradicts the objectives, goals and policies laid out in the neighborhood’s development plan.

On second try, Johnson Street development gets nod.  (In Business, 8/26/2018)
Houden will renovate five older homes, relocate two, and demolish two more in a plan to bring 54 apartments and ground-floor retail to the heavily traveled and historic thoroughfare.

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