Friday, April 12, 2019

Dear Ellen Nowak, Apparently, the sky isn't falling. Best, Retiring Guy

That leaves the PSC with just two acting members — appointed by governors of different parties — and a slate of major utility cases, including a natural gas connection to the Foxconn manufacturing campus that must be decided by the end of April. 
In a court affidavit filed this week, Nowak warned that utility projects that have been through months of regulatory scrutiny could be delayed or go unresolved. 
“This will not only threaten to stall development and job creation but also will interfere with the needs of the utilities and the interests of their customers in the provision of reliable service,” Nowak wrote.

With one of its three members sidelined as part of a political tussle, Wisconsin’s utility regulation board on Thursday approved the state’s first large-scale solar projects. 
The move allows two utilities to spend almost $390 million on two projects that will more than quintuple the state’s current solar energy capacity. 
The Public Service Commission voted 2-0 to authorize construction of two solar farms: the 300-megawatt Badger Hollow project in Iowa County and the 150-megawatt Two Creeks project along Lake Michigan south of Kewaunee.
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