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Chapter 6 UPDATE. State Higher Education Executives Officers Association confirms Scott Walker's shameful higher education legacy

The company Scott Walker's Wisconsin keep As other states’ per-student spending on higher education started to partially recover from cuts made during the Great Recession, Wisconsin experienced among the country’s largest declines between 2013 and 2018, according to a recent report. 
The State Higher Education Executive Officers Association reported earlier this month that just three states — Oklahoma, West Virginia and Mississippi — saw a larger drop over that time.
Wisconsin:  Dead last among other Big 10 states
Source:   SHEF: FY 2018State Higher Education Finance (arrows added)

Original 12/13/2018 post, "Chapter 6.  Scott Walker's shameful legacy (the higher education edition)", starts here.

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Scott Walker's cuts to UW were devastating.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/23/2018)
I started my graduate studies at UW-Madison in 2014 and saw firsthand the devastating effects of Walker’s cuts to the university. Gov. Walker cut state support of the University of Wisconsin System's budget by $250 million in 2015. The shock of such a large cut led to many researchers, who bring millions to the university in federal grants and provide high-quality research and teaching, to look for positions outside of Wisconsin.
Just desserts:
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s assault on public education could be coming back to bite him.  (Washington Post, 10/16/2018)
This was the beginning of a July news story in the Capital Times in Madison, Wis., about Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign for a third term as a Republican governor: 
When Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker started branding himself "the pro-education governor," one of his Democratic opponents said he "thought it was a joke from The Onion.

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