Tuesday, June 18, 2019

UPDATE. Wisconsin State Assembly shows off its collection of white males

Source:  Facebook (Wisconsin Assembly Republicans)

Wondering how many of them attended this event.

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Wisconsin is near a record for women in the Legislature.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/17/2019)
They still hold barely a quarter of the seats.Republicans control the state Legislature, but Republican women are especially scarce in the Capitol, with just two state senators and 10 Assembly members — making up less than 10% of the Legislature.

Original 2/16/2019 post, "Wisconsin below national average in percentage of women in state legislatures", starts here.

State Trails Nation on Women Legislators.  (Urban Milwaukee, 2/15/2019)
The number of women in the Wisconsin Assembly has fluctuated between 21 and 29 between the 2001 and 2019 sessions, with the partisan composition between Republican and Democratic legislators in this group shifting over time.

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Women in the WI Legislataure, 2019.  (Wisconsin Women's Council)\

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