Sunday, February 17, 2019

The dubious diplomatic resume of Heather Nauert

Source:  LinkedIn

Heather Nauert, President Trump's choice for UN ambassador job, withdraws in surprise move(USA Today, 2/17/2019)
Overruled.  Capitol Hill wants more than window-dressing.  But experts noted that Nauert would have been one of the most inexperienced U.N. ambassadors in history – at a time of extreme flux in international relations. Since taking office, Trump has picked major foreign policy fights with key U.S. allies, including Canada and France, 
while praising authoritarian regimes in Russia, North Korea and Saudi Arabia. There were "significant concerns" on Capitol Hill about her abilities to handle complex negotiations with other world powers, said Brett Bruen, a former State Department foreign service officer who served in the Obama administration on global engagement. "Basically folks in the Senate couldn't see her doing battle successfully with the Russians (and the) Chinese."

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