Monday, February 18, 2019

From the Madison Public Library clippings file: The Battle of Stonefield in Middleton (1986)

The current view

Stonefield Road extends, southwest to northeast, from North Gammon Road to Old Middleton Road, as marked by the orange arrows.  In addition to stops signs at these locations, additional ones are in place at Boundary and Clovernook roads, noted by the red arrows.  The connector from Old Middleton Road to University Avenue (yellow arrow) remains a single-lane, one-way road that gets very little use.

Retiring Guy remembers this contretemps very well as my wife and I had must moved to Middleton, into the Meadow neighborhood, just north of the above aerial view.

June 20, 1986

June 25
July 24

August 8

August 13

August 20

August 26

August 27

September 3 (hammer time)

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