Monday, April 15, 2019

Scott Walker's blind allegiance to Donald Trump (part 5)

Reported in Bice: Ex-Gov. Scott Walker dumped from GOP event after clashing with Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/15/2019)

And to stay relevant, Walker decided to hitch his dilapidated wagon to Trump's star.

Part 4 (1/10/2019)

Part 3 (1/6/2019)
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Reported in Scott Walker won't rule out run for governor again in four years.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/5/2019)

Part 2 (1/5/2019)

Part 1 (1/4/2019)
Photo credit:  @ScottWalker

Reported in Scott Walker to join speaker's bureau, emphasize tax cuts and help re-elect Donald Trump.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/2/2019)

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