Monday, January 21, 2019

Disappearing cities and boroughs of the Keystone State: Carbondale, Pennsylvania

In contrast, 19 cities saw their housing values substantially deteriorate: Erie, Johnstown (Act 47), Jeannette, Bethlehem, Arnold, Carbondale, Sharon, Beaver Falls, New Kensington, Aliquippa, St. Marys, Hermitage, Connellsville, Easton, Coatesville, Hazleton, Parker and Allentown.

Source:  Wikipedia

Bradford's population peaked at 20,061 in 1930.  Its 2016 estimated population is 8,498 -- a drop of 11,563, or nearly 58%.

The City of Carbondale is located in Lackawanna County, "tucked away" 15 miles northeast of Scranton.  

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Carbondale's fortunes followed the rise and fall of the anthracite coal industry in northeastern Pennsylvania.

Other disappearing cities and boroughs of the Keystone State
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Bradford, (1/20/2019)
Johnstown.  (1/6/2019)
Pittsburgh.  (1/13/2019)
Scranton.  (1/14/2019)

Other U.S. disappearing cities:
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Cleveland, Ohio (1/2/2019)
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Gary, Indiana.  (1/4/2019)
St. Louis, Missouri.  (1/2/2019)
Wheeling, West Virginia.  (1/16/2019)
Youngstown, Ohio.  (1/9/2019)

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