Tuesday, January 8, 2019

CES 2019: Hupnos smart sleep mask

In search of a smarter night's rest at CES 2019.  (c|net, 1/7/2019)
Another sleep issue that tech seeks to address at CES 2019: snoring. The most interesting solution we found? A sleep mask called Hupnos that fits over your eyes and your nose. If you're snoring, it'll use subtle, built-in vibrations to get you to adjust positions without waking you up. If that doesn't work, it'll tighten pressure on your nostrils to slow your exhales and help quiet the maelstrom coming from within. How does it know when you're snoring? A companion app on your phone listens for the telltale sounds while you sleep.

Suggested retail price:  $179. 

My wife will be pleased to learn of this product.

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