Sunday, December 30, 2018

Dear Richard Jinkins and Alan Jewell, The population of Iowa County peaked in 1870. Best, Retiring Guy

It dwindled from 24,544 in 1870 to 19,306 in 1970, a drop of 21%.

Source:  Wikipedia

Rural Wisconsin county split on solar energy project that would be among largest in nation.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 12/30/2018)
Richard Jinkins lives just east of Wunderlin’s land on a 400-acre farm his family homesteaded in 1848. 
Jinkins, along with Alan Jewell and another nearby farmer, are leading the charge against the project as it goes through the permitting process with the Wisconsin Public Service Commission. 
They worry solar panels will destroy the scenic beauty, take valuable farmland out of production for generations and cause the county’s population — just 23,687 people — to dwindle.

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